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Pairing Wine with Grilled Beef

Pairing Wine With Grass-Fed Beef

That juicy steak hot off the grill with a nice glass of wine to wash it down. It was an evening just like that on the plains of Uruguay that started the story of how Verde came to be, and it makes for an amazing night with friends any time.

The reason beef is so often paired with red wine is because of the tannins in the wine. When tannins come together with the proteins in red meat, they break down the fat, causing more of the beef’s flavor to be released.

If you prefer white wine, you can also find some great pairings with grass-fed beef, such as an oaky Chardonnay or something sparkling, like Champagne.

Bring out the flavors of grilled, grass-fed beef with these wine pairing recommendations:



A lean, grilled tenderloin pairs nicely with a wine that offers moderate tannins, such as Merlot. The fruit in the wine balances nicely with the sear from the grill without overwhelming the soft, buttery beef. For a white option, select a rich Chardonnay.




A bold, marbled, grass-fed ribeye stands up to a full-bodied red wine, such as Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, which both have a higher level of tannins to break through the fattiness and juiciness of the steak. The robust ribeye also matches with a spicy Zinfandel.



Strip Steak

The top wine to pair with a grass-fed strip is Cabernet. Its juicy, deep, berry notes bring contrast with the beefiness of this cut of steak. For something lighter, select a Pinot Noir.




Enjoy a lean, grilled grass-fed sirloin with a light to medium-bodied red blend, such as fruit-forward Cabernet blended with spicy Syrah.




Pair up your grilled, grass-fed burger with Pinot Noir. Its earthy tannins balance with the smoke from the grill, and it works well with toppings such as bacon and grilled onions, too. As another compliment, burgers with bold, sharp cheddar match well with Cabernet.



Hardwood Smoked Beef Sausages

A refreshing, sweet Alsatian or German Riesling makes its match with smoky, grass-fed beef sausages on the grill. Or try a highly acidic, rich White Burgundy, also known as a French Chardonnay.