Steakhouse Ribeye Beef Steak

A juicy, flavorful ribeye steak. It’s a great meal any day of the week. And this bold, marbled cut is even better when it’s cooked just the way you like it — and quickly.


Our 100% grass-fed, organic Simply Sear It! Steakhouse Ribeye comes fully cooked sous-vide style, taking the guesswork out of cooking a tender and delicious steak, with the same results, every single time.


We season it with our steakhouse spice blend and cook it “low and slow” in its own juices for over an hour. All you have to do is sear your ribeye for 90 seconds on each side in a hot pan and let it rest before serving. Pair it with your sides of choice — roasted potatoes and asparagus are two of our favorites.


  • 100% Grass-Fed, 100% Grass-Finished, Fully Cooked Beef 
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Free Range
  • Never Contains Antibiotics
  • Never Contains Added Hormones
  • Heat & Serve – Ready in 6 Minutes

Serve It Up:

Dress up your ribeye or keep it simple.

Kale & Steak Salad: Slice ribeye and serve on top of a kale salad with shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing.  


Meat & Potatoes: Pair with a baked potato with sour cream and chives. Add some sauteed spinach with garlic for some green on the plate.


Serious Steak Sandwich: Make an entrée sandwich with sliced ribeye, melted gruyere, Dijon mustard and arugula on a toasted, crusty roll.