Savory Shredded Beef

Heat. Shred. Eat. Meal prep = 7 minutes. 


That sums up everything you need to do to enjoy our 100% organic, grass-fed Simply Shred It! Savory Shredded Beef.


We’ve slow-cooked this beef for over 10 hours to infuse it with savory spices. Just heat it up and Simply Shred It! for beef that is fork-tender and flavor-filled, as if you’ve been cooking it all day long.


From stews with veggies to sandwiches of all sorts, it’s the mouthwatering shredded beef for any dish you can think up.


  • 100% Grass-Fed, 100% Grass-Finished, Fully Cooked Beef
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Free Range
  • Never Contains Antibiotics
  • Never Contains Added Hormones
  • Heat & Serve – Ready in 6 Minutes

Serve It Up:

Savory shreds are very versatile.

Pot Pie Inside Out: Roast carrots, potatoes, celery, and onions. Mix with savory shredded beef and sauce.


Southwestern Chili: Simmer a rich, tomato-based chili with corn, black beans, cumin, and Simply! shredded beef.


Simple Beef Pho: Add savory shreds to a Vietnamese-style beef broth with fresh basil, cilantro, fresh lime, and red chili sauce.