Carne Asada Beef Steak Strips

Sear. Flip. Sear. And serve. That’s all it takes to give some real South American-inspired flair to all sorts of dishes with our Simply Sear It! Carne Asada Steak Strips.


We season these 100% organic, grass-fed steak strips with a hint of citrus, smoky paprika, spicy chili powder, and other savory spices and cook them “low and slow” in their own juices for over 2 hours. Simply Sear It! in a pan for tender, juicy, flavorful beef, with almost no prep required.


Let’s just say those times when you need tacos and you need them now just got a whole lot easier. Bonus: Stir the extra sauce into peppers and onions for a boost of flavor on the side.

Serve It Up:

Give your favorite dishes some steak and spice.

Fajita Night: Create a make-your-own fajita bar, with steak strips, tortillas, purple cabbage, lime, cilantro and more.


Spicy-Sweet Fiesta: Serve strips with grilled corn on the cob seasoned with lime and tajin spice, and watermelon salad with feta.


Keto Steak Bowl: Combine shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and sliced avocado in a bowl with cauliflower rice. Top with steak strips, sour cream and shredded cheese.