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The Best Beef & Beer Pairings 

Make the most of each type of beef on the grill this summer with an ice, cold beer that brings out its flavors. 
Here is a guide to our favorite pairs:


100% Grass-Fed Beef Burger

Pair it with: IPA, American Pilsner, Hard Cider, and many, many more… 

Stack up your burger with all the toppings and wash it down with a balanced IPA or American Pale Ale. The bitterness of the beer with fruity undertones has enough presence on its own to complement the juicy burger. Or try a crispy, refreshing American Pilsner, with a dry finish. 
For something a little sweeter, try your burger with a semi-dry, hard apple cider. Ciders are especially good if you top your burger with creamy blue cheese. 


Hardwood Smoked Beef Sausage 

Pair it with: Porter, Belgian-Style Saison, Pilsner or Lager

A smoky sausage goes nicely with a dark Porter — adding a matching hint of smokiness — or a carbonated, fruity Belgian-style Saison to balance it out. For sausage with a kick, such as our Hatch Chile & Cheddar or Chorizo-Style & Queso Fresco, cool it down with a Pilsner or Lager.  


Strip Steak 

Pair it with: Brown Ale

It’s not so easy to find a beer that can hold its own against the robust bite of a grilled strip steak. And somehow, a nutty, caramelly brown ale manages to do just that – with a complexity that matches that of the steak. 


Sirloin Steak

Pair it with: Pale Ale 

Like sirloin steak, a pale ale is something to sip any day of the week. The lean, flavorful steak matches up with a strong Pale Ale with a dry finish and the taste of citrus. 


Filet Mignon

Pair it with: Light Lager or Blonde Pilsner

To find a beer pairing for a filet mignon, the key is to go mild, to give center stage to the tender, buttery steak. A light lager does the job well. A delicate, slightly carbonated Blond Pilsner is also subtle enough to enjoy with a tenderloin.



Pair it with: Imperial Stout or IPA 

Marbled and full of flavor, a bold ribeye can stand up to a bold beer, such as an imperial stout, which offers tannins similar to red wine. With its higher fat content, the rich steak also finds balance in a bitter IPA with fruity notes.