27 Jun | All

Fat Versus Flavor: Grass-Fed Beef Is Delicious (We Promise)

There’s a big misconception among the steak connoisseurs out there. A fatty cut of beef means superior flavor. But that’s not the case!Many chefs consider grass-fed beef to have a taste profile equal to or superior to that of Prime. And because grass-fed beef averages 91% lean meat, you taste the flavor of the meat, not the fat.


If you’re not used to eating grass-fed beef, you will notice a difference in taste. Grass-fed beef has a more robust flavor with less fat. It’s meatier and more flavorful – the actual beef isn’t hidden by the taste of fat. It isn’t the same, but that’s a good thing.


You’ll also want to handle grass-fed differently than a fattier cut. Since there isn’t as much intramuscular fat (the specks of fat you see within the meat) protecting the actual meat during the cooking process, you do need to be more vigilant with a leaner beef so you don’t overcook it.


Still not convinced a leaner meat is the way to go? Just add a little butter when you cook it. It’s still healthier than having a fatty cut and in some cases, it will help enhance that grass-fed taste. Grass-fed meat is not just healthier for you, with higher levels of omegas, CLAs, and antioxidants, it’s better for the animals and the environment.


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