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09/21 | Men’s Journal names Verde #1 grass-fed steak you can buy online

Verde Farms was named the #1 grass-fed steak you can buy online by Men’s Journal.  Verde steaks and grinds are available online on AmazonFresh.  The publication also called out the taste, health and environmental benefits of grass- fed beef:

  • Not only do grass-fed steaks look more appealing—even in their raw state—those webs of white fat running through the cut finish off juicier, meatier, more flavorful, and also healthier. Grass-fed steaks contain up to five times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef with lower levels of saturated fat.
  • Grass-fed operations have also proven to be a more ethical and environmentally sound way of raising cattle. In general, fields of grass promote land and soil biodiversity as well as drought resistance while inhibiting floods. Moreover, grass-fed beef production can sequester carbon, which helps offset methane emission and reduce greenhouse gas levels.

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