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Introducing Our New Ready-to-Cook, 100% Grass-Fed Marinades!

Still 100% Grass-Fed, Even More Flavorful In an effort to keep delivering better beef in innovative ways, we are very excited to announce that we have officially rolled out our NEW grass-fed beef, ready-to-cook marinades on AmazonFresh! Available in four flavors, our globally inspired and conveniently pre-marinated products make mealtime easy, delicious, and super healthy. […]

Sirloin Steak Salad Recipe

Our expert dietitian friends from FRESH Communications are back again with another healthy and delicious meal featuring Verde Farms grass-fed beef. With a flavorful marinade and a mouthwatering blue cheese dressing, today’s steak salad recipe satisfies your craving for decadence — sans guilt. And the best news? This steak salad leaves you happy AND full. Have your […]

Easy Weeknight Recipe: Grass-Fed Moroccan Sliders

Life’s complicated enough! When it comes to food, you need it to be simple, delicious, and memorable — and made of real, healthy ingredients. Our expert dietitian friends at FRESH Communications, Steph and Sheri, have crafted today’s featured ground beef recipe: grass-fed Moroccan sliders. Packed with flavor, this dish is easy to prepare and as healthy […]

Whole30 Approved

We are Whole30 Approved! …wait, what does that mean? Whole30 Basics: What, Why, and How Get ready for a complete health reset. It’s a commitment, but the Whole30 diet promises to change your life. Stick with the program for 30 days, and you’ll experience profound physical and psychological benefits. In fact, your entire relationship with food will […]

Best Burger Recipes and Grilling Tips

Sweat the technique and own the burger game Our best burger recipes and grilling tips for your Memorial Day  Fire. It Up. The sun is out, Memorial Day is around the corner, and May is National Burger Month! Usher in grilling season (YAY) with a juicy, grass-fed beef burger. Get your technique in order with grilling know-how and the […]

What is Organic Beef?

What is organic beef? Why does it matter? Label fatigue is inevitable in the meat department. Organic, natural, antibiotic-free, grass-fed – for those of us trying to eat consciously, it’s confusing at best. Albeit technical, today’s real talk matters. We’ll define what the organic beef label means, how organic compares to grass-fed beef, and why […]

Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Grass-Fed Chuck

What to do with a grass-fed chuck roast? Make the world’s best slow cooker pot roast, of course. Pot roast, we love you so. Fork tender and intensely flavorful. Hearty and satisfying. Hard to mess up but seemingly epicurean. And the crowds love it. Perhaps best of all, pot roast is extremely economical, yielding days […]

Super Bowl Chili Recipes

Game Day Chili Recipes From Around the Nation It’s finally here. New England’s chance at retribution in Super Bowl LI… and your last chance to cook the best chili of the season. Chili – preferably grass-fed beef chili – is a no-brainer for any Super Bowl party: it’s warm, hearty, and easily made in large batches […]

Master the Cast-Iron Skillet

Master the Cast-Iron Skillet You’re an adult. Don’t be intimidated by cooking in a cast-iron skillet. Read this post for instant prowess. And the best part? Delicious steak even when it’s too cold to grill outside – searing in a cast-iron pan is our favorite way to cook a steak indoors. Skip to the bottom […]

A Toast to the Beef Roast

How to Cook an All-Star Holiday Beef Roast AKA “The Roast Post” It doesn’t get more “holiday” than a classic beef roast. Once his heart grew three sizes, even the Grinch appreciated the show-stopping goodness of the holiday roast (beast, in his case). Nevertheless, the time, money, and pressure of handling a centerpiece dish can be daunting. Most […]