Verde Farms works closely with farmers on a global level to raise cattle and sheep as nature intended. Our cattle and sheep are pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They are never given antibiotics, added hormones, grains like corn, or confined to industrial feedlots — unlike the conventional meat industry. Our organic programs raise the bar even further by avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These practices are not only healthier for the land, animal, and farmer, but they also help produce a better quality product.

Additionally, we are committed to a practice of not including older dairy cull cows or tropical breeds. While others may take shortcuts to get a product to market at the cheapest price, the priority at Verde Farms is to ensure the highest quality possible throughout the supply chain.


Verde Farms beef is traditionally raised in Uruguay, a quiet South American country bordered by Argentina and blessed with a mild climate, fertile soils, and sprawling green pastures. Here, cattle graze naturally in the open air year-round, just as nature intended. Clean air, pure water, abundant sunshine, and lush native grasses are the only ingredients in our succulent grass-fed beef.

While the Hereford and Angus cattle are raised by gauchos using traditional methods of pasture-based farming, they also benefit from the most humane, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible practices:

· Animal Welfare Program evaluated by experts on Animal Science, including Temple Grandin, PhD., ensures that animals are treated with the utmost care throughout their life cycle

· Wastewater Treatment system that uses absolutely no chemicals while processing and naturally maintains its purity

· Recycling Program that includes batteries, glass, plastics, and cardboard