Sources: Australia

Verde Farms works closely with farmers on a global level to raise cattle as nature intended. Unlike the conventional meat industry, our cattle are grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised, and NEVER confined to industrial feedlots. They are never given sub-therapeutic antibiotics or added hormones. Our organic programs never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These practices are not only healthier for the land, animal, and farmer, but they also help produce a better quality beef product.

Additionally, we are committed to a practice of not including older dairy cull cows or tropical breeds. While others may take shortcuts to get a product to market at the cheapest price, the priority at Verde Farms is to ensure the highest quality possible throughout the supply chain.

Grass-Fed Beef from Australia

grass-fed beef australia

Australia is famous for its sustainable farming methods and quality grass-fed beef. Deep in the Australian Outback, passionate farmers raise free range cattle in spacious grasslands. Afforded up to 10 acres per head, cattle range freely within rotational feeding systems, optimizing the long-term sustainability of the land.

We also work proudly with our partners in Tasmania, which is world-renowned for its rugged wilderness, pristine beauty, and landscape of vivid contrast. Cape Grim in the far northwest corner — shaped by wild Southern Ocean swells and abundant rainfall — literally has the cleanest air in the world. Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and graded under the rigorous Meat Standards of Australia (MSA) Program, rewarding you with pure beef flavor, made by nature.

As always, Verde Farms grass-fed beef from Australia is 100% free range – NEVER confined to feedlots, using no added growth hormones, and according to strict animal welfare protocols.