Driving Forces

As a pioneer in grass-fed beef, Verde Farms stands for a core set of principles: promoting health and wellness, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Every decision regarding supply, product, and partners is guided by these principles, shaping our vision and actions.

In a highly scrutinized industry with a history of troubled practices, you can rely on Verde Farms.

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You really use well-managed family farms?

We source from global family farms with rich histories of sustainable land practices. Using methods like rotational grazing, our farmers actually improve soil quality and carbon sequestration. Unlike in conventional factory farms, our farmers responsibly manage animal waste to protect the environment.

Producing and harvesting the grain required for feedlot animals creates additional negative impact on the environment, including 5x larger water footprint.

What are your organic options?

Our 100% organic line of products raise the bar even more. Our certification by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) – the world's highest standard for organics — guarantees that all stages of our production and processing are accredited by third-party agencies. Even though this organic certification incurs additional time and expense for us, it ensures a best-quality product for you. Limiting the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is a critical component in environmental preservation, including our water resources.

What Makes Verde Farms Better?

Grass-Fed Beef,
100% Free Range

Premium Taste

Grazing System

Consistent Supply

No HormonesNo added hormones
No Animal By-Products

100% Organic OptionsNo Synthetic Fertilizers or Pesticides

Health Benefits for ConsumersLower in Total and Saturated Fat, Cholesterol
Higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Strict Animal Welfare Protocols