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Whole30 Approved

We are Whole30 Approved! …wait, what does that mean? Whole30 Basics: What, Why, and How Get ready for a complete health reset. It’s a commitment, but the Whole30 diet promises to change your life. Stick with the program for 30 days, and you’ll experience profound physical and psychological benefits. In fact, your entire relationship with food will […]

What is Organic Beef?

What is organic beef? Why does it matter? Label fatigue is inevitable in the meat department. Organic, natural, antibiotic-free, grass-fed – for those of us trying to eat consciously, it’s confusing at best. Albeit technical, today’s real talk matters. We’ll define what the organic beef label means, how organic compares to grass-fed beef, and why […]

What is the Paleo Diet?

Answering the popular question: what is the Paleo diet? A quick guide to the Paleo Diet: how it works, how grass-fed beef fits in, Paleo recipes and resources. Check out our original Paleo recipe at the end of the post! The Paleo Diet: The Basics Popularized by best-selling books and numerous websites, you’ve undoubtedly heard […]

What Is the Ketone Diet?

You may have heard of the paleo diet, but there’s another diet plan that’s catching on in the U.S.: the ketone diet, also known as the keto or ketogenic diet. What is the ketone diet? The ketone diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that encourages the intake of fats – including fat from meat and dairy […]

Is Grass-Fed Beef Leaner Than Grain-Fed Beef?

If you’re unfamiliar with grass-fed beef you may be wondering if it’s a leaner meat when compared to grain-fed beef. The answer is yes: grass-fed beef is indeed naturally leaner than traditionally raised, grain-fed beef.

What Is Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth?

One of the trendy new foods that you may be hearing a lot about lately is bone broth. Health and fitness magazines are singing about the liquid’s nutritional benefits, and there’s even broth shops in New York City where customers can sip warm mugs of grass-fed beef bone broth, seasoned with ginger.