The Beef Chili Files – Part 2: Secrets from World Champs

Make your beef chili shine with not-so-obvious recipe hints from the masters. Autumn’s in full swing in New England. The trees are vibrantly colorful, Tom Brady is back, and we’ve got beef chili on the brain. In our first installment of the Chili Files, we talked chili basics. Today, we’re spilling the beans (sorry) and […]

Tailgate Like a Champ: Grass-Fed Beef Brisket Nachos

All season long, we’re featuring our favorite football recipes featuring – you guessed it – grass-fed beef. Summer is fun. Fortunately, fall ushers in a few of our favorite things: Football Tailgating Crockpots Opening night was Thursday, but this weekend marks the start of the full NFL lineup. Whether you’re watching nestled at home or prepping […]

Up in Our Grill: Labor Day Essentials for Grilling a Steak

Grilling Tips for an Epic Labor Day Last week, we talked about how to grill beef the Uruguayan way. Keep building your at-home parrilla while we cover the basics of grilling steak outdoors. Perfect your technique with these grilling tips just in time to knock it out of the park at Labor Day. Everyone will […]

Grass-Fed Grilling, the Uruguayan Way

Be a Parrillero, the Hero of the Labor Day Grill Uruguay: a country where 80% of the land is available for grazing livestock, and where cattle outnumber people by 3:1. As we enter the glory days of outdoor beef grilling, take a cue from true cattle culture and thrill your guests (or yourself) with a […]