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What is Organic Beef?

What is organic beef? Why does it matter? Label fatigue is inevitable in the meat department. Organic, natural, antibiotic-free, grass-fed – for those of us trying to eat consciously, it’s confusing at best. Albeit technical, today’s real talk matters. We’ll define what the organic beef label means, how organic compares to grass-fed beef, and why […]

Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Grass-Fed Chuck

What to do with a grass-fed chuck roast? Make the world’s best slow cooker pot roast, of course. Pot roast, we love you so. Fork tender and intensely flavorful. Hearty and satisfying. Hard to mess up but seemingly epicurean. And the crowds love it. Perhaps best of all, pot roast is extremely economical, yielding days […]

Super Bowl Chili Recipes

Game Day Chili Recipes From Around the Nation It’s finally here. New England’s chance at retribution in Super Bowl LI… and your last chance to cook the best chili of the season. Chili – preferably grass-fed beef chili – is a no-brainer for any Super Bowl party: it’s warm, hearty, and easily made in large batches […]

Master the Cast-Iron Skillet

Master the Cast-Iron Skillet You’re an adult. Don’t be intimidated by cooking in a cast-iron skillet. Read this post for instant prowess. And the best part? Delicious steak even when it’s too cold to grill outside – searing in a cast-iron pan is our favorite way to cook a steak indoors. Skip to the bottom […]

A Toast to the Beef Roast

How to Cook an All-Star Holiday Beef Roast AKA “The Roast Post” It doesn’t get more “holiday” than a classic beef roast. Once his heart grew three sizes, even the Grinch appreciated the show-stopping goodness of the holiday roast (beast, in his case). Nevertheless, the time, money, and pressure of handling a centerpiece dish can be daunting. Most […]

#GivingTuesday at the Pine Street Inn

Thanksgiving has passed, you’ve braved the crowds at Black Friday, and spent hours at the keyboard on Cyber Monday. But there’s a third, much more important day this week: Giving Tuesday. Started in 2012, #GivingTuesday is a chance to give to those in need through time, donations, goods, or your voice. Today, November 29th, is […]

Frito Pie. It’s a thing – and you want it.

  Please the crowds: how to make Frito Pie Frito Pie. If you’re not from the South or Midwest, you may be new to this charming culinary creation. Welcome to comfort food at its finest. It’s as simple and delightful as the name implies; at its essence, Frito Pie is beef chili served over Fritos. […]

The Beef Chili Files – Part 2: Secrets from World Champs

Make your beef chili shine with not-so-obvious recipe hints from the masters. Autumn’s in full swing in New England. The trees are vibrantly colorful, Tom Brady is back, and we’ve got beef chili on the brain. In our first installment of the Chili Files, we talked chili basics. Today, we’re spilling the beans (sorry) and […]