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We believe there’s magic in the basics. Our 100% grass-feed beef comes from the simplest ingredients: sun, water, grass, fresh air, and space to roam. No antibiotics or added growth hormones. Certified organic. Sustainably raised. Absolutely delicious.

Feel good about the meat you’re eating. Bring joy back to mealtime with Verde®.

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World Class Grass-fed Beef

Our global network of family farmers began in the fertile pastures of Uruguay. Long before it was trendy to be called sustainable, generations of farmers have raised 100% grass-fed cattle with respect for the land. It’s how they’ve always ranched.

Uruguay has an ideal climate for year-round grazing on open pastures, and each animal has the equivalent of at least two soccer fields of pasture to roam. Our farmers adhere to strict animal welfare standards of experts like Temple Grandin — and always have.

Uruguayans love beef, especially over open flame (a la parilla). About the size of New York state, over 80% of Uruguay’s land is dedicated to raising livestock on pasture. Learn more about how Uruguay raises beef the gaucho way here.

It’s no wonder the world’s best grass-fed beef comes from Uruguay.