Aldi Special Buy: Verde Farms Organic Grass-Fed Chuck Roast

Limited Time at Aldi Stores, March 1st – 5th:
Verde Farms Organic Grass-Fed Chuck Roast!

new-aldi-vector-logoThere’s nothing like a pot roast to please the crowds. Fork tender and intensely flavorful. Hearty and satisfying. Hard to mess up but seemingly epicurean. Perhaps best of all, pot roast is extremely economical, yielding days of leftovers from a less expensive piece of meat.

Chuck roast is the ideal cut for any braised beef dish, including pot roast. You’re in luck – from March 1st to March 5th, Verde Farms grass-fed, organic chuck roast is on special buy at Aldi stores.

Click here to see this Weekly Fresh Meat Special and add it to your shopping list. Find an Aldi store near you and stock up while supplies last. They won’t be on the shelves long!

grass-fed chuck roast

100% Grass-Fed, Organic Chuck Roast Now at Aldi!

Why Verde Farms organic grass-fed beef?
When compared to conventional beef, grass-fed beef is a cut above:

  • Healthier. Grass-fed beef if lower in calories and fat by as much as 1/3! It’s also significantly higher in essential vitamins and nutrients, including Omega-3s and CLA. Read more about the health benefits of grass-fed beef.
  • Cleaner. No added growth hormones or antibiotics, EVER. All feed is certified organic.
  • Kinder. 100% pasture-raised by family farmers – NEVER confined to feedlots

And it’s simply delicious! Taste the difference of better beef.

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