About Us

Verde Farms was born when I went horseback riding on an estancia in the South American Pampas. Everywhere around me, cattle roamed freely, munching grass beneath an endless blue sky and a backdrop of beautiful foothills. Pausing for a barbeque right there in the lowlands, the gauchos prepared an unforgettable meal of grilled provolone cheese, sausages, and heaps of grass-fed meat, paired with a bold Malbec to wash it all down.

This scene proved a striking contrast to beef farming in the U.S., where cattle begin on pastures but are then confined to feedlots, fed government-subsidized grain-based rations filled with antibiotics, and implanted with growth hormones to promote weight gain artificially. The more that I learned about the U.S. system, the more that I was inspired to transform the meat that American consumers eat.

Verde Farms is committed to working with family farmers on a global basis to support a traditional way of life, allowing animals to exhibit their natural tendencies and democratizing the consumption of high-quality, naturally-raised meats worldwide.

So go ahead — treat yourself to an unforgettable meal and make a world of difference.

Dana Ehrlich, CEO & Founder

The Leadership

Dana Ehrlich


Dana founded Verde Farms in 2005 with a passion for delicious food and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Pablo Garbarino

Co-Founder/Dir. of South American Operations

A native of Uruguay, Pablo co-founded Verde Farms with a desire to grow his local economy and support its local farmers.

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Pete Lewis

VP Marketing

Pete's passion for helping build organic and natural food brands is a perfect fit for Verde Farms. He's perhaps even more passionate about grilling the perfect steak! He loves it when he "takes his work home with him

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The Team

Keith McNaboe

Product Marketing Manager

After working as a chef in Los Angeles, Keith now thrives on developing innovative products for chefs and consumers alike.

Frances Lund

Controller/Office Manager

Frannie keeps the books in order and the office humming.

David Chapman

Logistics Manager

A veteran of the supply lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, he now applies his logistics knowledge to civilian matters.

Natalia Pereira

South American Manager

Natalia is at the crossroads between supply and demand. Working closely with our supply partners, she ensures our North American operation's needs are met.